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IAL/ GCE/ IGCSE tutoring

I am studying in HKU MBBS. I have achieved 4A* (Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics, Further Mathematics) and 10A* in IGCSE. I am now offering IAL/ GCE and IGCSE tutoring services for Chemistry, Biology, Physics, Mathematics and Further Mathematics. I have helped 6 A level students, with 3 finishing A level this year, giving me the opportunity to accept more students. They also come from different exam boards like Edexcel, AQA, OCR, CAIE and Eduqas. The 6 students are coming from UK top schools (CLC, OIC, Oundle School) and HK top schools (SPCS, DGS) for GCE A levels I have also coached 2 students for IGCSE and IAL self-studying respectively Feel free to drop me a pm if you have any enquiries about IAL/GCE/ IGCSE

Abby Lau

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